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Why To Add Oil To Your Skincare Routine

by Vivek Gautam 06 Nov 2023
Why To Add Oil To Your Skincare Routine

The benefits of using oil are endless. Oils can help you with more than one skin problem, like acne, lack of moisture, dry skin, rashes, stretch marks etc.

The long list of benefits of oils doesn’t cease here only, but goes longer to serve more.

This article will tell you about the advantages of using oils for your skin and the issues which oils can solve.


Skin looks healthier and younger when it has more overall hydration. Oil may provide the skin with additional nutrition and aid in retaining moisture. This additional moisture promotes skin barrier function and aids in healing.

Natural lipids separate our skin cells. This keeps the surface from drying up and flaking, giving it a smoother appearance. Some oils produce softer, more youthful-looking skin by simulating the natural lipids in our skin barrier.

The Kumkumadi Tailam by Sparsh Ayurveda Herbals is the perfect face care oil for all your beauty needs. This oil goes deep into your skin and moisturize it from within. Your skin looks shiny and stays moisturized for a longer time.

For an added boost of hydration, you may use oil pretty much at any time. However, massaging oil onto slightly damp skin as soon as you get out of the shower or bath is a terrific technique to keep moisture in. You can lose some of that essential moisture if you let your skin dry entirely.


Antioxidants offer various advantages, and they may be found in both our diet and the things we use on our bodies. The free radicals that wreak havoc on our skin are neutralized by antioxidants. This slows the progression of skin deterioration and cellular death.

Vitamin A stops the breakdown of collagen, which helps collagen buildup and reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles.

You’ll have a sumptuous treat when you massage your skin with the Kumkumadi Tailam.

You’ll see an improvement in tone, texture, and elasticity with continued usage.


The fear of clogging pores and aggravating acne or other skin issues prevents many people with naturally oily skin from experimenting with oils. Curiously, some of these same people may be over-drying their skin with harsh treatments in the belief that doing so may stop breakouts.

Sometimes our skin can manufacture extra oil in excess when we remove its natural oils. On the other hand, some natural oils assist regulate sebum production and are non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores).

Some oils, such as jojoba oil, are chemically similar to the sebum that naturally exists on our skin. These oils can penetrate the skin’s surface and assist the natural barrier because of their structural similarity. This barrier is what causes the creation of oil and limits moisture loss.

The moisturizing abilities of oils are beneficial for people with all types of skin. But if experimenting with new goods, it’s a good idea to run a patch test.

It’s crucial to study the list of components first and perhaps do the patch test because some oils include chemical additions.

The Kumkumadi Tailam by Sparsh Ayurveda Herbals is purely herbal and contains no harmful and toxic chemicals.


Every single body is a little different from the other. Stretch marks can’t always be entirely removed, although many individuals can prevent or minimize them.

Stretch marks happen due to pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss, and when the body gets stretched more than normal.

The elasticity of skin can be increased using Almond oil, which has anti-inflammatory qualities that reduce the visibility of scars. Additionally, this oil promotes cell regeneration, which results in the appearance of younger, fresher skin.

Vitamins and minerals included in coconut oil help the body stay supple and healthy. The preservation of moisture, which is essential for avoiding and minimizing these markings, is also aided.


When applying lotion to those particularly tough areas, such as elbows, knees, and hands, it’s a terrific idea to put in a few drops of oil.

The majority of oils are loaded with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and important fatty acid compounds. That implies that the body receives a variety of advantages.

Olive, coconut, and Argan oils are excellent for dry skin. You could wish to include essential oils in the mixture as well.

A few drops of an essential oil mixed with a lotion or carrier oil can be applied to the region you wish to cure and protect by rubbing it in your hands first.


The oils have more uses than an average person thinks of. Oils can be used for many skin conditions. The above article mentions some of these benefits of oils and their positive results.

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