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Decades Old Legacy of Ayurveda

Love yourself more with the range of Daily use products by Sparsh Ayurveda Herbals.

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Bloom like a flower with Nature's bliss

Safe and Reliable face care products to
bloom like a flower among faces.

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Healthy Herbals
Happy Hair

Tried and tested herbal formulas for tough and tempting hair.

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Our Signature products

Our Story

In the words of the founders “It is our belief that people are born with a special constitution called the prakruti. It is viewed as a unique combination of physical and psychological characteristics that affect the way each person functions and their approach is both preventive and curative.We leave no stone unturned in trying to make Ayurveda and its science more suited and relevant to the modern lifestyle. Based on the age-old science of holistic healing, our aim is to bring the human body back to its natural healthy state by eliminating diseases from within. That’s the reason behind coining such a brand Sparsh Ayurveda Herbals”

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Ingredients and Benefits


Nirgudi helps reduce swelling
and excessive pain.


Erandmool comforts in backache
and arthritis.


Guduchi boosts the immune
system and alleviate joint pain.


Haridra has anti-inflammatory
and antiseptic properties.

Chandan Extract

Chandan Extract removes the
tan and impurities gently from
your skin.


Yashtimadhu extracts cleanse the
skin from within and prevent acne.


Manjishta purifies the blood
and skin pores.


Padmaka improves skin
complexion and radiance.

Sikta Taila

Sikta Taila is used to soften the skin.


Ghrita moisturizes the dry and
chapped lips.

Blueberry Extract

Blueberry Extract improves the
texture and appearance of lips.

Tila Taila

Tila Taila heals the cracks and
wounds of lips.


Bhringraj cures the dryness ofyour
hair and scalp and prevents hairfall.


Brahmi prevents the split ends,
dandruff, and hair fall.

Curry Leaves

Hibiscus extract increases hair volume
hair and speeds up hair growth.

Our Customized Combos

Experience of our Customers


To my surprise these products have worked wonders on my skin!! The shampoo has reduced my hairfall by 90% in the first use. Also the face wash is very effective. It keeps your skin fresh, oil free. The anti pigmentation cream is creamy and thick. A tiny amt is spreads well.

bharati mehta

I had consulted many doctors for Hair Treatment but it was not useful. But medicines given by rashmi madam is really good. Finally i can see a good results in my hair growth.

geetha shindhe

Best Ayurvedic centre, I was suffering from hair loss and started using Red Onion hair oil , it adds shine to the hair and help them grow. It’s been 2 months of regular usage and the oil has helped my hair look good and added life to them . Thank you for the product ☺️. I will recommend to my friends and family.

Dakshata Patel

Usually I won’t give reviews even if they ask me to review. But in this case I couldn’t hold my self . I never expected ayurvedic treatment would also be effective bcz I never been to ayurvedic until I reached Dr.Rashmi. Trust me she takes care of her patient so well, she use to call me literally every day and whenever I use to call she always responded .. My treatment half part should be done 3 months once I definitely would like to go again. And experience the same. Thank you for taking care . And it’s a genuine review from my end. Thank you Dr.Rashmi.


I am enthusiastic to share my opinion about Ayur Sparsh . Once I started to take treatment leave of my will power increased . Rashmi mam takes care about patients.

knowledge in kannada channel

My hair was very dry earlier, now I am using brown hair color taken from Ayur Sparsh Clinic. now my hair is shining. I recommend to Ayur Sparsh Clinic for Any kind of hair issues.

Isharat Ali

Dr.Rashmi is very humble and had best treatment from their clinic. Recovered from the pain in lesser time span with their treatments. Highly recommended to consult Ayur sparsh for any kind of health issues.

Manali Patravali

I had a lot of dark spots and freckles on my face. Ayur Sparsh Ayurvedic Consultation suggested me anti pigmentation cream. The blackness on my face has reduced now.

Rishabhhh Jaiswall

Ayurveda is a great contribution from India to the whole of mankind… If anybody facing problems kindly Visit Ayur sparsh and ayurvedic clinic ..It is a Genuine place of Ayurvedic treatment ant It was great consulting by Dr Rashmi Patil.

Girish Ayyanagoudr

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