About us


Sparsh Ayurveda Herbals is a natural skincare brand that offers a wide range of products made entirely from Ayurvedic ingredients. The brand was founded in September 2021 by Dr. Rashmi Patil, MD Ayurveda, Mr. Chetan Patil M.Sc. Agri, MBA, and Dr. Rushabh Patil, MBBS. The founders are doctors and experts who value natural goods and their influence on leading healthy lives.

Why Sparsh Ayurveda Herbals?

The demand for natural products has multiplied tenfold in recent years as more people become aware of the dangers that chemical products pose to the body. As people become more educated and seek to take better care of their bodies and skin, the demand for products made entirely from Ayurvedic ingredients is rising quickly. With Sparsh Ayurveda Herbals, people can obtain what they desire without experiencing any negative side effects or discomfort.
The Philosophy Of Sparsh Ayurveda Herbals

In the words of the founders, “It is our belief that people are born with a special constitution called the prakruti. It is viewed as a unique combination of physical and psychological characteristics that affect the way each person functions, and their approach is both preventive and curative. We leave no stone unturned in trying to make Ayurveda and its science more suited and relevant to the modern lifestyle. Based on the age-old science of holistic healing, our aim is to bring the human body back to its natural, healthy state by eliminating diseases from within. That’s the reason behind coining such a brand, Sparsh Ayurveda Herbals”.

Product Offerings

Sparsh Ayurveda Herbals offers a broad selection of herbal pills based on tried-and-true Ayurvedic formulas that are created using the best-certified organic and wild-crafted ingredients. The best-selling products of Sparsh Ayurveda Herbals include Amla Bhringadi hair oil, Blueberry lip balm, Kumkumadi facial cream, and many more. For radiant-looking skin, their best product is Kumkumadi Tailam, which removes scars and wrinkles, reverses the effects of suntan, removes blemishes, and even removes uneven patches on the face. The products help not just with anti-aging, but also with moisturizing and overall skin rejuvenation.


Sparsh Ayurveda Herbal products are 100% authentic and certified by GMP and ISO, and are Paraben free, SLS free, and cruelty-free. One more essential point about Sparsh Ayurveda Herbals products is that they are totally non-toxic, which adds to their value and demand.

Founder's Vision

Dr. Rashmi Patil and Mr. Chetan Patil decided to start Sparsh Ayurveda Herbals as they recognized the scarcity of authentic natural Ayurvedic products in the market. They saw that people suffer due to a lack of original Ayurvedic products and tend to settle for harmful chemical products. They decided to take matters into their own hands and, with utter determination and hard work, created such a brand that tends to the needs and demands of the people.