Kumkumadi Tailam
Restore, Rejuvenate And Reveal

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Unleash the Power of Kumkumadi Tailam – The Royal Potion for Skin Perfection

Picture this: Your skin, wrapped in a nurturing embrace of sandalwood oil, becomes a paradise of moisture. Dryness? Banished! Say goodbye to flaky skin and hello to a dewy, supple complexion that could rival a baby’s softness.

But that’s not all! Our magical potion doesn’t stop there. Manjishtha and Plaksha, the dynamic duo, join forces to wage war against unruly acne-causing bacteria. They purify your skin with gusto, leaving you with a clear canvas that’s free from blemishes and ready to flaunt your natural beauty.

don’t just dream of flawless skin – let Kumkumadi Tailam make it a reality! 


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Key Benefits

Diminishes fine lines

Minimises hyperpigmentation

Fades scars and acnes

Calms inflammation

Revitalises and nourishes

Key Ingredients


Saffron unlocks radiant and glowing skin, bestowing a luminous complexion

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood Oil nourishes and rejuvenates, promoting a healthy and vibrant appearance


Plaksha Minimizes wrinkles and fine lines, restoring a youthful and smooth texture


Manjistha Enhances skin tone and radiance, unveiling a naturally vibrant and even complexion

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Secret Tip

For an extra boost of nourishment, warm the oil between your palms before applying. The warmth enhances absorption and enhances the overall experience. Remember, a little goes a long way!

How to use Kumumadi Tailam for the best results

Cleanse: Begin by washing your face with our Mix herbs facewash and pat it dry with a soft towel. Ensure your skin is clean and free from impurities.

Take a small amount of Kumkumadi Tailam onto your fingertips or palm, depending on your preference.

Gently massage the oil onto your face using upward, circular motions. Pay extra attention to areas of concern, such as wrinkles or dry patches.

Continue massaging the oil into your skin for a minute or two. This helps in better absorption and stimulates blood circulation.


Leave On: Allow the Kumkumadi Tailam to remain on your skin without rinsing it off. The oil will work its magic while you sleep or throughout the day.

 Follow these steps consistently to maximize the benefits of Kumkumadi Tailam and achieve a radiant, rejuvenated complexion.

Why kumkumadi Tailam is your skin’s secret weapon?

Kumkumadi Tailam: Transform Your Skin Naturally

Experience the majestic power of Kumkumadi Tailam, a luxurious blend of saffron and other potent herbs, carefully crafted to bring out the best in your skin. This Ayurvedic oil formulation is designed to provide exceptional skincare benefits, helping you achieve a radiant, blemish-free complexion that exudes natural beauty.

Enriched with the goodness of saffron, Kumkumadi Tailam works wonders for your skin. It acts as a shield against impurities and spots, protecting your skin’s health and natural glow. The nourishing properties of sandalwood oil deeply moisturize your skin, banishing dryness and restoring its softness. Manjishtha and plaksha, known for their purifying qualities, help fight acne-causing bacteria and promote a clear, flawless complexion.

Unlock the secret to ageless beauty with Kumkumadi Tailam. It’s your go-to solution for reducing wrinkles, scars, and tan, unveiling younger-looking skin that defies the hands of time. As you incorporate this elixir into your skincare routine, watch your skin transform into a luminous canvas, brimming with vitality andyouthful radiance.

Indulge in the relaxation that comes from within as Kumkumadi Tailam pampers your skin. Each application is a luxurious treat, allowing the potent blend of saffron and herbal wonders to work harmoniously, nourishing your skin from deep within. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to a revitalized complexion that glows with confidence.


Kumkumadi Tailam is a powerful blend of saffron and other beneficial herbs that provide numerous skincare benefits. It is an Ayurvedic oil formulation known for its ability to improve skin health, restore radiance, and address various skin concerns.

Kumkumadi Tailam offers a range of benefits for the skin. It helps in reducing wrinkles, scars, and tan, making the skin appear younger and more radiant. It also improves the complexion and provides a natural glow. Additionally, it relaxes the skin from within, promoting overall skin health.

Kumkumadi Tailam works by utilizing the potent properties of saffron and other herbal ingredients. Saffron helps in brightening the skin and reducing pigmentation, while the combination of herbs helps in purifying the skin, fighting acne-causing bacteria, and moisturizing
the skin to combat dryness.

Yes, Kumkumadi Tailam is suitable for all skin types. Its natural formulation makes it gentle and safe to use on sensitive skin as well. However, it is always recommended to perform a patch test before applying it to the entire face.

For best results, it is recommended to use Kumkumadi Tailam at least twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening. Consistent and regular use will yield optimal benefits for your skin.


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Kumkumadi Tailam
Restore, Rejuvenate And Reveal
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