Excessive Hair Fall: Reasons & Remedies
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Hair problems never cease to exist in the world today. With the fast-moving lifestyle and rapid changes in the eating and living habits, it gets harder to take care of your hair. Hair fall, split ends, frizzy hair are some of the most common hair issues. We’ll talk about these hair issues common in everyone’s life and their solutions in this article.

The most common hair problems and their treatments

Dry Hair

Dealing with dry hair can be quite frustrating, as it often results in locks that are prone to frizz and breakage. Insufficient moisture retention is a common cause for this issue. And in some cases, it can also be caused by underlying factors like hormonal imbalances.

Regular use of shampoo, exposure to dirt, excessive sun, and chemical cosmetics can lead to dryness and damage to your hair. 

To keep your hair healthy, reduce the frequency of hair washes and regulate the use of chemical hair products.


1. Nourish with Amla Bhringadi hair oil regularly. (at least once or twice a week.)

2. Wash your hair with Bhringrajaadi Healthy scalp shampoo.

Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can be a source of irritation, causing even the most sleek and stylish hairstyles to turn into a mess. The primary reason behind this issue is often dry, dehydrated hair that lacks the necessary moisture. Ironically, humid and rainy weather can actually make frizz worse since dry hair seeks to absorb moisture from the surrounding environment, causing the hair’s cuticles to expand and create a frizzy appearance.

Regularly massaging your scalp with oils can be incredibly helpful in reducing frizz in your hair. Choosing herbal products over chemical ones can improve hair health drastically. Additionally, try to incorporate more herbs into your diet.


  1. Cleanse your hair using the Bhringraajaadi herbal shampoo, twice or thrice a week.
  2. Use the Amla Bhringadi Hair oil to massage your hair.

Hair Fall

Losing hair is a natural process, and it’s normal to shed 50–100 strands per day. However, when hair loss exceeds this amount, it can become a serious issue. 

An imbalanced diet and excessive use of chemical hair products can cause hair loss. It is recommended to switch to herbal products for hair care and maintain a balanced diet to retain good hair health.


  1. Start oiling your hair using the Amla Bhringadi Hair oil.
  2. Wash your hair using the Bhringraajaadi herbal shampoo at least twice a week.


Dandruff can be an annoying hair problem, leaving us with an itchy, flaky scalp that won’t go away. There can be many reasons for dandruff on your scalp, like shampooing your hair too much, or sometimes not washing your hair with shampoo enough. It can be because of fungus and other infections, as well.

Using herbal hair and scalp products is recommended to combat dandruff. Additionally, adding more herbs and healthy foods into your diet can be beneficial.


  1. Oil your hair using the Amla Bhringadi Hair oil an hour before bathing.
  2. Use the Bhringraajaadi Healthy Scalp Shampoo to wash your hair.
  3. Comb your hair using the Neem comb.

Split Ends

Frayed and damaged hair ends are something that most people get annoyed with, as they can ruin a perfect hair day. Split ends occur when the tips of your hair become brittle. Split ends are often a result of exposure to harsh weather conditions and various hairstyling methods like blow-drying, straightening, and twisting. Additionally, the use of chemical hair products is also a leading cause of split ends.

You can’t fix split ends like other hair problems, but you can still get rid of them by doing these: 

  1. Stop shampooing your hair daily.
  2. Restrict the use of fancy hairstyling methods like blow-drying, twisting, and straightening.
  3. Take regular hair cuts.


  1. Oil your hair using the Amla Bhringadi Hair oil.
  2. Wash your hair using the Bhringraajaadi Healthy Scalp shampoo.
  3. Comb your hair with the Neem Comb.

Dull hair

Dull hair can be a result of improper hair care methods, inadequate consumption of crucial nutrients, overuse of heat styling tools, and excessive exposure to the sun. Other factors such as dirt, excess oil, accumulation of hair products, and the presence of dandruff can also lead to dullness in hair.
Proper hydration, incorporating more greens in your diet, and regular oiling are recommended to address dull hair.


  1. Moisturize your hair with Amla Bhringadi hair oil
  2. Wash your hair with Bhringraajaadi Healthy Scalp Shampoo.
  3. Comb your hair using the Neem comb.


Some hair problems are more common than others. Hence, some common solutions can work for the most of them. Using herbal hair care products can work wonders in order to keep your hair healthy. Switch to an Ayurvedic lifestyle and be healthy forever.

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