Excessive Hair Fall: Reasons & Remedies
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Healthy and good-looking hair has become a luxury these days. Use of dreadful chemical-based products have led this generation to a poorly nourished and damaged hair. The consumption of industry-made products creates the problem of excessive hair fall.

Choosing nature is the best therapy for a healthy body and mind. Let’s dive in and learn about the reasons of hair fall and how to cure it.

Why do the hair fall? Top three Reasons

Apart from the serious medical issues (which requires consultation with a doctor) there are a few other reasons behind hair loss.

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Unbalanced diet :

One of the biggest reasons behind the not-so-good health of your hair may be hidden in your diet. Our body requires a variety of nutrients to function properly. Unfortunately, the dietary routine of the majority of people does not include all the important nutrients. Furthermore, the drastic lifestyle changes in recent decades have eroded the quality of our food, making it difficult for the body to maintain good health.

But it is time for a reset. Sparsh Ayurveda Herbals wants people to live a healthy life with its range of natural products.


Stress is another big cause of hair fall. Excessive stress for longer periods can impact your hair growth. The hair growth can be affected months after the stress. The reasons of stress could be anything. But the best antidote is found in Ayurveda only.

The refreshing herbal products by Sparsh Ayurveda Herbals works as a stress reliever as well.
Working to solve this problem can go a long way in positively impacting your hair health.

Using Chemical Based products:

This is one of the top reasons behind hair loss. Hair care products on the market today often contain more harmful ingredients than beneficial ones. Unfortunately, because the negative consequences may not be immediate, people may mistakenly believe these products to be beneficial.The chemicals in these products damage the hair in ways unthinkable.

Sparsh Ayurveda believes that everyone should use natural products. Our products are completely safe without any side effects.

Hair Fall: The Remedies

It would be insane to believe that fancy, chemical-based products could heal your hair when they were damaged by the same chemicals in the first place.

A simple and sure way to get your hair back to life is Ayurveda. The age-old methods are both science-backed and proven to heal your hair naturally.

Sparsh has been using Ayurveda to heal people for more than two decades. And our Legacy continues in the form of Sparsh Ayurveda Herbals. Our team of experienced Ayurveda experts makes sure that all the products are completely herbal and safe to use for everyone.

Along with our products, a few other steps to follow to keep your hair healthy are as follows:

  1. Appropriate Nutrition: To take care of your body (including hair) means taking good care of your diet. Having meals rich in nutrients can work wonders for your hair. When you provide good nutrition to your body, it keeps your hair healthy for you.
  2. Exercise: Working out daily keeps your body fit and mind fresh. A healthy mind and body can take care of almost any problem without much required external help. Also, exercise tends to keep the stress levels low, which keeps your hair from falling.
  3. Substituting chemicals with more herbs: Switching to a herbal lifestyle is the most efficient way of keeping your hair healthy and preventing them from falling.


To conclude the problem and solution in a line, “Living a healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle with Sparsh Ayurvedic Herbals can help you get rid of all your hair problems.”

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