Mukhakantikar Lepa (100gm)


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Mukhakantikar Lepa is the powder for external application and has an excellent soothing effect.

Most of the ingredients of this mixture purify the blood, pacify Vata and pitta and initiate healing. It also helps in curing pimple pigmentation and improves skin complexion. At the same time, it also controls the oiliness of the face.

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The MukhaKantikar Lepa by Sparsh Ayurveda Herbals fuse together the power of several potent Ayurvedic herbs which purifies the blood in order to eradicate the skin problems fundamentally.

Herbs like, Manjistha, Kushta, Lodhra, Raktachandan, etc helps you get rid of acne and gives your skin a stunning glow. This Ayurvedic Lepa is precisely created to prevent pimples, excessive oily skin, and to improve skin complexion.



Raktachandan helps in relieving
your skin of acne.


Manjishta has anti-bacterial
and antioxidant properties.


Kushta is an antibiotic herb
used to heal skin wounds.


Lodhra helps to remove pimples,
acne and soothe your skin.

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Mukhakantikar Lepa (100gm)