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    Amla – Bringadi Hair Oil
    Tresses you’ve never seen before

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    Amla Bringadi Hair Oil is a potent blend of Amla and Bhringraj in a base of cold-pressed sesame oil. It nourishes the hair, promotes growth, and improves hair quality. Amla strengthens hair follicles and prevents greying, while Bhringraj stimulates blood circulation and enhances thickness. The oil deeply penetrates the hair shaft, nourishes the scalp, and reduces dandruff. 

    • Regular use strengthens hair
    • Reduces hair fall
    • Restores shine and vitality
    • It is a natural solution for healthy and beautiful hair
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    Bhringraajaadi Healthy Scalp Shampoo
    Go From Scanty To Plenty Hair

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    This healthy scalp shampoo is enriched with natural ingredients like Bhringraj, Brahmi, and Hibiscus that provide hair volumizing and moisturizing benefits. It is formulated with antioxidants, alkaloids, and beta-carotene that not only volumize and moisturize hair but also prevent hair loss and dryness in the scalp.

    • Reduces hair fall and hair thinning.
    • Prevents dryness of hair and scalp.
    • Controls dandruff and prevents scalp itching.
    • Promotes hair growth and strengthens the hair shaft.
    • Adds volume and bounce to the hair.
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