Best Skincare Regimen For Dry Skin
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Dealing with dry skin can be challenging as it is more sensitive and requires extra care compared to the normal skin. The deficiency of moisture in skin reduces its ability to handle external factors, which makes it sensitive and prone to damage. 

This becomes even more problematic during winter, as the harsh weather conditions can further worsen the dryness. To solve this problem, it’s important to establish an effective skincare routine that takes care of dehydrated skin.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best skincare regimen for Dry skin.

What is Dry Skin?

Common signs such as peeling skin, cracks, itching, and mild burning can help identify dry skin. Itchy, rough, and flaky skin are symptoms of dry skin, which occurs when the skin loses too much moisture. Several factors, such as chilly temperatures, low humidity levels, hot showers, and certain medications, can also contribute to it. 

Dry skin is very sensitive and vulnerable to infections, so it becomes critical to deal safely with dry skin. Using moisturizers and drinking lots of water will help to keep the skin hydrated and prevent dry skin. The use of hot water and abrasive soaps should be avoided.

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Reasons for Dry Skin

Extreme weather conditions:

Extremely high or low temperatures can cause a lot of damage to the skin. Excessive heat and cold is one of the biggest reasons for skin dryness.

Too much bathing:

Taking longer showers can damage your skin.

Harsh soaps and scrubbing:

Using harsh soaps on your skin can definitely hurt it. And scrubbing the skin regularly can lead to rashes and other skin problems.

Unhealthy diet :

Most people never consider that eating unhealthy foods can lead to a lot of unfriendly consequences. Having a rough, dry skin is one of those consequences.

Existing Medical Conditions:

If you have any medical conditions or treatments going on, then they may also cause dryness in your skin.

Existing Medical Conditions:

Moisturize Regularly:

The most obvious and effective way to fix the problem of dry skin is moisturizing it properly and regularly. Switching to this simple habit can show great results. Avoid using chemical-based products on your skin, as they can further damage the skin.

Moisturizing Just after face wash:

Apply your moisturizer immediately after you have washed your face or took a shower. This will lock moisture in your skin, keeping it moisturized for a longer time.

Restrict using fancy tools on your face:

Using the fancy cleanup tools like bathing brushes, scrubbers, sponges, and washcloths can hurt your skin. Try restricting the use of these tools, and be gentle while using them. 

Stop using the Chemical based products:

Applying chemical based cosmetics on your skin is one of the best ways to damage your skin. If you already have dry skin, and you’re planing to make it worse, then chemical products are your best bet. But if you want to fix your skin care problems, then stop using these products and switch to more herbal products.

Hydrate your skin properly:

Deficiency of moisture is the reason behind the dryness of skin. Hence, you must hydrate your skin properly and regularly. Drink lots of water. Drinking enough water solves most of the problems related to skin.

Eat more Green:

Switching to a healthy and herbal lifestyle can simply solve almost all the skincare issues. Add more herbs to your daily diet. Eating green vegetables and fruits will remove the accumulated toxins from your body, and keep it healthy.


Skin concerns are very common these days. And dryness of skin is one of the most common skin care issues. Choosing an Ayurvedic way of living can help everyone with these problems. Using herbal products and eating more herbal diet is very effective to get rid of skin care difficulties.

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